SSIMA Industry Day


SSIMA Industry Day is where start-ups, established companies and healthcare service providers meet, exchange ideas, explore business opportunities and learn during the exhibition, extraordinary panel with high-level decision-makers and our parallel academic program. It is the ideal context for fruitful conversations about innovation and healthcare, in appropriate settings.


Startup Exhibition at Oradea Emergency Hospital

The first half of the day (09:30-14:00) is dedicated to an exhibition where each company can showcase their products and innovations. The exhibition is held at Oradea Hospital, the largest hospital in Romania, and will, among others, be attended by doctors from this institution.


Extraordinary panel: Investing in the Digitalisation of Healthcare

Chaired by serial entrepreneur and investor George Haber from Washington, D.C., a discussion will take place in the afternoon (15:15-18:30) between high-level policy makers (Vice Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Turcanu and Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation of Romania Sebastian Burduja) and persons active in the field of investment (mr. Dudi Klein, co-founder and managing partner of ALIVE HealthTech fund, mr. Moshe Dunie, former SVP at Microsoft and current investor, mr. Richard Passov, former VP and Treasurer at Pfizer Inc., and dr. Irit Idan, Investment Advisor at SoftBank Israel).

Parallel Academic Schedule

Every startup attending the Industry Day will also have the opportunity to send 1 person to the entire academic program. Speakers on Wednesday morning will be Professor Natalia Trayanova from Johns Hopkins University speaking on AI and Cardiology, Professor Marco Zenati from Harvard Medical School who will be speaking on Context-aware Surgical Operating Rooms and Professor Alon Wolf (Vice President of Technion IIT) who will be speaking on Surgical Robots.


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The above schedule is subject to change without express notice, please make sure you regularly check the schedule on this page for any updates.