Investing in the Digitalisation of Healthcare


This extraordinary session, chaired by mr. George Haber (serial entrepreneur in several technology startups in Silicon Valley and CEO of Crestafund Investments), will focus on the investment opportunities related to the current wave of digitalisation in the healthcare domain, and will be attended by top decision makers from Government, academia, industry and healthcare providers from Israel, Moldova and Romania to discuss trends, strategy and opportunities for the upcoming period.

The focus will be on the strategic aspects of the digitalisation trend, aiming to cover all perspectives from the different actors in this field, providing a full-spectrum overview of this exciting development.

This extraordinary session will be of particular interest to business leaders, strategic decision makers dealing with economic development, as well as stakeholders in the healthcare industry.


Tentative list of participants:

George Haber (owner CrestaFund Investment, chair)

Sebastian Burduja (Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, Romania)

Iurie Turcanu (Deputy Prime Minister on Digitalisation, Republic of Moldova)

Richard Passov (ex. Senior VP & Treasurer at Pfizer)

Dr. Irit Idan (Investment Advisor at SoftBank Israel)

Dudi Klein (co-founder & managing partner at Alive Israel HealthTech Fund)

Moshe Dunie (former VP at Microsoft)

Benjamin Rolnik (head of Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab)