Thank you for your interest in SSIMA 2019 (otherwise known as “SSIMA:Re:Imagine Healthcare” or “SSIMA”) and its events, organized by Coderdox S.R.L. Coderdox S.R.L., a Romanian legal entity, organized and existing under the laws of Romania, having its registered office located in Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/9/04.01.2016, having sole registration code 35371982, duly represented by Elena Ovreiu, in her capacity as Administrator, acts as your counterpart in this agreement. Coderdox S.R.L. shall further be represented by persons assigned by it to act as its representatives for the purposes of this agreement or specific parts of this agreement. These persons shall collectively be referred to as “the organization”.

These general terms and conditions apply to all transactions regarding the purchase of any and all entrance tickets to any event during SSIMA 2019 as well as the participation in the event after registration.

All tickets are strictly personal. Participants must be 18 years or older. Exception is made for SSIMA:High School event, for which no age threshold applies. For applying to participate in SSIMA:High School, parental consent is required according to the form found on the respective application page on the official website of SSIMA 2019. The parental consent form will form an integral part of this agreement in this case.


Persons wishing to participate in any event during SSIMA 2019, will need to apply for registration by filling out the application form, located on the respective event page on the official website of SSIMA 2019. An invoice will be sent after registration. Registration will only take place after the date of bank transfer for the respective fee and is complete, after confirmation by the organization in writing. Payments can only be made according to the payment procedure on the official SSIMA 2019 website.

For events which are part of SSIMA 2019, which do not require any payable fee (including SSIMA:High School), registration takes place after confirmation by the organization in writing, without any bank transfer.


Cancelling by the participant is possible, in writing to the organization, until 30th of August 2019. In case of cancellation before Friday August 2nd , 70 % of the original ticket price is eligible for refund. Between August 2nd and August 30th 50% of the ticket price will be eligible for a refund. After August 30th , cancellations shall not lead to any eligibility for any refund.

In case of cancellation by the organization, the participant will be refunded the full purchase price of the ticket if the cancellation was not reasonably attributable to the participant. Any claims on grounds of cancellation for an amount higher than the ticket price are excluded in advance.

Exchanging tickets is not possible: all tickets are sold on a personal basis.


Coderdox S.R.L., its affiliated organizations and partners, or their officers, employees, volunteers or other connected persons, shall not be liable for damage to the applicant/participant’s person or property of any kind before, during or after an event, related to participation in SSIMA 2019. The organization reserves the right to refuse participants at all times and to remove participants in cases of improper conduct, at the discretion of the organization.

Any damages caused by the participant to third parties, or to Coderdox S.R.L. and its affiliated organizations and partners, or their officers, employees, volunteers or other connected persons during the course of SSIMA 2019 or in connection with participation in any of its events, shall be indemnified by the participant without delay.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are also explicitly agreeing to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of marketing the event, keeping track of the registrations and payments, improving the event and adjusting specific aspects of the event, and communicating with you during and after the event. Further information is found in the separate privacy statement, found in the respective application forms. Explicit agreement to our privacy statement is ensured by separate statement of agreement by you in the application forms themselves.


Any and all communication in writing between participant or applicant, and the organization of SSIMA 2019, as referred to in these terms and conditions, shall take place electronically through the application forms found on the official website of SSIMA 2019 (, or by e-mail with


On this agreement, Romanian law is applicable in its entirety. In case of any dispute, the matter will first be handled amicably. In case this fails, the matter may be referred to the District Court Bucharest which shall be solely competent to hear such case. In case any of the terms of this agreement are found to be invalid, the remaining part of the agreement remains in force.