Official Message from the Organization Committee


Dear Participants, Speakers and Honoured Guests,


We hope that your stay at Oradea is delightful and you are enjoying SSIMA 2022. On Thursday (8th of September), we have scheduled the Gala Dinner, which will take place at Sion Synagogue (close to the City Hall), from 7:30 until midnight. The event will include several speeches by our special guests, a concert of the Oradea Philharmonic Orchestra and will hopefully be a great opportunity for all of you to get to know each other and our Speakers in a relaxed social atmosphere.
As a reminder: You can attend the dinner only if you have paid for the whole week of the event or specifically for the gala and you must carry your badge with you. Badges will be checked during the entire evening. Due to the fact that the evening is secured and we have provided a list of all attendees to the authorities beforehand, it is preferable that you are carrying your ID with you to ensure you can show this if requested. As the venue represents an important institution of the city and we want to transform Thursday night into a festive one, we are kindly asking you to comply with the dress code (elegant, at least smart casual).
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,
The SSIMA 2022 Organization Committee & Oradea City Hall

About the Sion Synagogue


The venue for the gala dinner will be the beautifully restored Sion Synagogue, built in the 1870s for the Neologian Jewish community in Oradea by renowned architect Rimanóczy Kálmán.

The building is oriented towards Jerusalem and features a basilica-like spatial arrangement with three naves, Roman arches, decorative wooden rosettes with Eastern motifs and an octagonal trajectory.

Its location next to the idyllic river Crisul Repede promises a sophisticated environment for social interactions and inspiring discussions.

To read more about the building and its history, please refer to this page.