Conference Venues:

Host location: Oradea City Hall, Piața Unirii 1, Oradea 410100, Romania  – Google Maps

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Art Nouveau, Life Nouveau

A city that fully enjoys each season and pumps live energy in a surprising architectural landscape.

Situated on the western Romanian border, at only 490 km from Vienna, Oradea breathed in the influence of the occident in every moment of its long history. The most spectacular proof are the facades of the buildings in the central area, facades built on Art Nouveau concepts with influences of the Austrian secession. The architectural patrimony in Oradea is so unique that the city is member of an exclusive club, the Art Nouveau Network, certified as Cultural route by the Council of Europe.

Secession, Baroque and Eclectics confer personality and add colour to the Oradea architectural mingling. Above all this lays, for centuries now, the symbol – Oradea Fortress, as an undisputable mark of its leading position in the hierarchy of medieval European cities.

The Oradea municipality has succeeded to honour the city of glorious kings and knits, to create an attractive destination for tourists and foreign investors, to offer a green city where visitors can enjoy a slow living pace. Now, Oradea is stepping into the future, is looking forward for the city of youth and festivals. A lot of people will come and visit the city to admire the Art Nouveau architecture, snapshots of a city from the past, but even more will come for the life promised by the constantly renewed city of the future. They will come for Oradea, Art Nouveau, Life Nouveau.


Oradea City Hall: City Council’s Chamber

One of our event locations will be Oradea’s City Council’s Chamber, ornately decorated and full of history and ambience.

Oradea Emergency Hospital

Oradea Emergency Hospital is the largest hospital in Romania, and the site of SSIMA Industry day 2022. A large contingent of physicians will be waiting to see what the latest innovations in medical technology are offering.