Application form

There are four categories of tickets for the full conference (passepartout), which also includes the gala dinner and all other social activities that are organized during the week:

1.Bachelor/Master Student (150 EUR)

2.PhD Student, Residents (Medical) (250 EUR)

3.Doctors/Postgraduates/Researchers (350 EUR)

4.Corporate/Business (600 EUR)

It is also possible to purchase single-day entry tickets for 100 EUR per ticket, which does not include any of the social events or gala dinner. In this case, please also indicate the day you wish to attend.

Your CV and Motivation Letter are optional, but mandatory for all who wish to receive financial assistance (in order to assess merit: financial need may be indicated in the field at the bottom of the form).

If you have a promotional code for a discount, please enter this in the appropriate field in the form below. A promotional code cannot be combined with financial assistance, so if you are granted financial assistance, you will not also receive the discount from your code. However, even if you are also applying for financial assistance you should enter your discount code, in case your request for assistance is not granted.

Please enter below all details before the 15th of August: an e-mail confirmation will be sent automatically to the address filled in below. If you do not receive an e-mail within 5 minutes of submission of the form, please check your spam filter.